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So, here we are. Avengers vs. X-Men has been released and its safe to say fans are excited about the possibilities.  Now trust me, there will be no spoilers here. No no no…this is not a spoiler. This is wishful thinking. When Schism was released not to long ago, I’m sure there were more than a few fans that hoped or figured that that would’ve been a great time for Logan to finally end Cyclops with a glorious and bloody SNIKT.  But nay…Scott Summers still graces the pages of multiple Marvel books and for some inexplicable reason he continues to carry on with the same condescending douchebaggery that has kept him around for so long. Far too long. Well folks.  This is it.  Now is the perfect time for Cyclops to die. No, not ‘die’…but DIE.  As in, “cease to exist”.  Too often are superhero deaths an easy answer for a revamp but this should be the final curtain for the X-Men’s annoying leader.

What are you shooting at??? Jackass...

So, some of you may be looking for examples as to why such vitriol is pointed towards Slim.  I would love nothing more than to put every little nuance of Summers up here, but there are far too many.  Feel free to disagree, but if you’ve read any X-book since the 90s, you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

If only his claws were out...

Let’s just take a minute and think about the deaths in comics over the years.  The biggest and the most popular have “died” at some point.  Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man (Ultimate, I know I would’ve caught hell if I let that slide), Green Lantern, Thor…can I stop now???  Anyway, my point is that these heroes have “died” and resurrected to (for the most part) better and fresher storylines.  Its safe to say that Cyclops can just go away.  He has had his time in the spotlight, and he won’t be missed by many.  I do find it hard to believe that he has fans, but to each his/her own.

Now…for the fun part.  How should he kick the bucket?  Who should end his reign?

Actually, Scott Summers is a clone of my real father...who is much cooler. I swear.

My first choice is Cable.  This whole thing started because of his return, and his goals are never fully fleshed out.  I don’t think there’s any better way to see Scott go down other than with a cybernetic fist through the chest.  I know, some of you will say, “but, if Nathan kills Scott then Nathan won’t exist”.  To that I say…seriously??? We all know there are loopholes that some of the most creative writers can finagle, and as long as Scott’s death occurs “after” Nathan’s birth in the timeline, everything will be hunky-dory.


Second pick would be Wolverine.  Come on now…how long has this been coming?  Time after time, Logan has thought about how or when to end Cyke’s life and found some repressed sense of honor that keeps him from finishing the job.  Out of all the asshats Wolverine has murdered you would think he wouldn’t have a second thought about six adamantium blades through the sternum.

Third is, in my opinion, the most hilarious.  Just pretend Steve Rogers and Cyclops are in a heated battle, going blow for blow, sweating and bleeding for their respective causes.  Now, picture Cyclops in some magical way gets the upper hand on Captain and is about to end the war.  Cyclops says something stupid like, “You lose, Captain.” and then DEADPOOL comes from off panel and separates Cyclops from the rest of Scott Summers.  Dear God…I would enjoy it.  The least likely option…but I wanted everyone to enjoy that.

Another interesting option would be Jean Grey.  I believe there is talk of the Phoenix Force making a comeback.  If that is the case, maybe Jean snaps, or the Phoenix “tells” her to rid the world of the menace that is her former husband.  Possible…keep your fingers crossed.

Lastly, lets just see Thor obliterate that ruby visor with Mjolnir.  One swing, and the eye blasts come to an end.

As far as I can tell, the death of Cyclops would come “accidentally”.  We all know that murder is frowned upon with the heavy hitters that’s why I’ve given my opinions above.  Clearly, Wolverine has blood dripping of his claws, and Cable is always willing to do what is necessary for everyone involved and obviously this is for all of us.  As for a death coming at the hands of any Avenger, I really can’t see it.  Does Stark have it in him?  Captain wouldn’t take out someone he respects.  Storm?  Perhaps Hawkeye puts an arrow between the eye?  Then again Red Hulk could definitely handle the job.

It's like Marvel read my mind.

What we do know is that death in comics is also a business move.  Look at the roster involved and you have to realize that someone MUST die.  Its a very poor move to kill Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Cap…they’ve either all been done or would affect so many titles, Marvel would go broke.  But guess who wouldn’t affect anything and still resonate as a meaningful???  How did you guess?  Yes.  Scott Summers must die, and he must die now.

Join the group #scottsummersmustdie

Alright, I’m sorry but I have to do this.  I’m a trades guy and I can’t help it.  Now I’m not entirely sure the reaction this is going to get however, I do believe there are some like me.  DC’s relaunch coming up here in a couple of weeks will be one of the few chances to start from #1.  Now I know titles reset all the time, but for once, it’s company-wide.  As a comic fan, it’s great to get the chance to start fresh and stay with storylines from the ground up and I couldn’t be more thrilled to jump on board.  I understand that they’re targeting new readers with the whole starting over thing, but screw that, IT’S GREAT FOR ME!

I’ve been catching up on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, yada, yada, yada for I can’t tell you how long now.  If there are any of you reading this and thinking, “This schmuck ain’t a fan,” well sir/madam, I very semi-insincerely kind of say to you, “Nay.”  Here’s my angle on the issue (HAH, ISSUE, GET IT!!!).  I’m the same way with TV shows, video games, and tacos…I mean just the first two.  But seriously, I hate being titillated.  Come on now, who watched an episode of Game of Thrones and with no warning at all…credits.  Damn you HBO and you’re need to space out programming.  Yes, I did play Arkham Asylum, but there is no way in hell I was going to wait two years for Arkham City.  Nevertheless, I hate, hate, hate when I’m left twiddling my thumbs in anticipation waiting for the continuation of a story I’m getting into.

So I’m behind.  I haven’t read Fear Itself, or Flashpoint, but that doesn’t mean I’m not as hardcore of a fan as the rest.  Or does it?  I’d like to think my fandom doesn’t get called into question just because I like the whole set at once.  Side note – I’m still waiting to watch Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy, and Breaking Bad.  Don’t judge me, those seasons are expensive and I don’t secrete currency (at least I don’t check).  Bottom line is that just because I collect trades doesn’t make me any less of a fan than those who go to their local comic shop for their pull-list on Wednesday.

Let’s pretend everyone thought the way I did.  Ok, scratch that, that’s a bad idea.  Let’s pretend that comic fans thought about trades the way I do, yeah that’s it.  If trades were the “thing” and running floppies off the shelves, is that bad for the industry?  It’s the same story just in different formats, right?  I’d hate to think I’m doing any kind of harm to the stories I love, but I can’t help my affinity for thick-picture books (yes, I made that up).  Now you can judge me, but be gentle, I have no problem crying into my Rising Stars Compendium.

Catchy headline ain’t it?  Well it was all I could think of at the moment, but I’ve got to get this out there.  The moral of this here post is that I want to know what my problem is?  Why do I despise the character that is Superman?  Heralded as one of the most popular and decorated superheroes ever created, I can’t stand the Big Blue Boy Scout.  Someone HELP ME!!!  Now look, I’m fully expecting to get bombarded with comments along the lines of, “You’re an idiot” or “You don’t know comics” or even a spell of random swears, but I know its coming.  I’m just looking to discuss why Superman is so special to others and couldn’t be more pointless to me than the sleeves on Larry “the cable guy’s” shirts.

Tender Moment with Supes & Lois

Tender Moment with Supes & Lois

First, I hate him because he is essentially the all-mighty.  Why stop at Superman and not just call him God in red and blue tights.  X-ray Vision, flight, superstrength, invulnerability, frost breath, eye beams, and I’m pretty sure he actually craps roses.  How can a character like this be so interesting?  Ok, so there is comparisons in Thor and some bad guys, but that’s the point.  Bad guys are supposed to be unstoppable.  Otherwise they’d just be thugs or henchmen.  As for Thor, well he’s supposed to be a god, be that as it may, I can stand Thor and want Superdouche gone.  Hah, I’m sure Superdouche just pissed of a whole bunch of fans, but that’s a name from a long debate me and my buddy have had over the years in regards to who is better, Batman or Superman (more on this later).

Secondly, for the love of all things holy, SOMEONE GET THAT GUY A BETTER DISGUISE!!!  Dear lord, if the only thing that makes him Supes is the tights and a ever so subtle curl in the hair, why not just stay in the suit?  And let’s discuss the idiots he surrounds himself with.  No one ever sees the convenience in Superman and Clark Kent never being in the same place at the same time.  This is similar to that Spider-man fellow over at Marvel, but he doesn’t float my boat either.  But seriously, when this relaunch was brought out by DC, and word on the street was that Grant Morrison would be writing one of the first arcs, I got a little excited that some of this junk might be rectified.

Tender Moment with Supes & Lois again

Awww...another tender moment

Do NOT misunderstand me.  I’m all for romances in comics, I am, but again, is Superman not the biggest pussy-whipped superhero in the world of comics?  People were furious when DC mentioned that maybe Lois Lane would be out of the “love story” and maybe, just maybe, Wonder Woman might tickle Superman’s fancy.  WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!?!  The man can’t focus on the mission at hand half of the time because he’s so worried about Lois, blah, blah, blah (another slam at Spidey and his women, too).  Yes, Batman has had plenty of girl issues, but never has he been as locked-down as Mr. Big Blue.  And if you want to get technical, lets pretend a superhuman and a human got together…wait for it…don’t you think he’d kill her?  Even Ollie and Dinah have been through hell and back, but nothing as ridiculous as Clark’s obsession with Lois.  Is it intriguing because it brings the humanity out of him?  Is that the big deal?  Isn’t the fact that he wants nothing more than to protect our world enough?  I’m so confused.

Yeah, why don't we just remove this from our minds, hmm?

I also don’t want women to think this is a bashing on a female character in comics, because it is absolutely not (I’m still working on the blog for women in comics).  It’s a bash on the obsession Kal-El has.   Anyone else think it borders on creepy or stalker-ish?

Remember this, Superfans?

I guess what my real issue is why can’t I like this guy?  It can’t be because I don’t enjoy the superhuman aspect of it.  I’m all about Green Lantern, Thor, Hulk, the X-Men, or even Wonder Woman.  Maybe that’s because they have more weaknesses than little pieces of green rock and Lois Lane.  See, right there, the man only has 2 weaknesses.  Wheres the challenge?  Now, because of my interest in the Dark Knight, I do read Superman & Batman hoping to ease my way into liking him.  It definitely brings a better side to both of the characters, but in my heart of hearts, Superman can’t possibly have any use for Batman in his life.  They both have their stances and their opinions, but the main theme to the story is that they both have very different ways of handling situations.

I honestly want a great Superman arc.  I’m ready to accept all those comments for the Death of Superman and Red Son, but even then, will they make me want to read more Superman?  Has it been the author’s fault over the years that make Superman uninteresting or is it the character?  I see the potential for one incredibly powerful badass and all I can see is an underachieving puss-bag with nothing new up his sleeve.

The mullet is the best part of this image.