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“So, Ms. Snow, are you going to be a doll and help us or do I have to have my associates disembowel you and your friends?”  George just stood there puffing away on his stogie as if this situation were no big deal.  With the MRC’s elite surrounding him, he had no need to worry.

“My patience is wearing thin, Abbie.”

The gun remained aimed at Mr. Smith while Abbie assessed the situation.  Still unaware of Slice’s whereabouts, she had taken Smith’s advice and focused her attention to the men before her.  Few options presented themselves but Abbie was willing to stall.

“Alright, Mr. Smith.  I’ll give you whatever you want, but leave me and my friends alone.  They have nothing to do with this.”

The portly man tried to hold back a laugh only to lose his composure.  “That’s funny, they have nothing to do with this, but they cower in that very van.  The van that you were holed up in attempting to track our tracker.  So, tell me Miss Snow, do random people always happen to just jump in vehicles where you are working?  But, sure, you don’t want your friends to get hurt.  That makes sense.  Sadly, I don’t care.”

Smith looked to his right and nodded at his henchman.  The man stepped up and fired four shots into Volition’s cowering body.  Her body slumped over leaving Marionette and Savage a bloody, frightened mess.  Abbie feel to her knees as if to plea with Smith but no words could come out of her mouth.

“Now, I have enough bullets to turn your little gang into a one-man, or should I say one-woman-band.”  The man wasn’t overly obese.  He simply enjoyed the good life and wore it for the world to see.  The all-black suit reeked of wealth, but left a sense of cool with the white undershirt showing through the open jacket.  His jet-black beard and what was left of his hair was well-groomed and taken care of.  The only jewelry to his name was an heirloom that hung from his massive neck.

The few steps it took to reach Abbie were seemingly never-ending.  At this point, Abbie couldn’t decide whether she cared to live at all.  Friends around her were dying, and for what?  None of this made sense to her.  From behind his back, George brandished a golden-inlaid Desert Eagle.  With his right hand he calmly grabbed at Abbie’s shoulder-length blonde hair and pulled it back so she would look into his eyes.  His left hand put the gun to Abbie’s temple.

“Last chance.”

It all happened so fast.  I closed my eyes expecting to see the light, instead I saw blood.  Within seconds, Smith’s henchmen fell quickly and Smith turned to witness the commotion.  As he turned, he saw the blur that could only be his “hired-help” and began to fire aimlessly in his direction.

“Abbie, GO!” echoed through the alley and she jumped into the van.  Savage got a grip of herself and took to the driver’s seat as fast as her body would allow her.  Outside, Smith was still firing on the phantom before him.  As he attempted to reload his right hand was greeted with the steel from Slice’s katana.  As the van began to take off Slice stammered back and shook his head as if reeling from a blow to the face.  The phase had been finished and Marionette made it back to the van.

“You shot at me you fuck!”  Slice’s words reverberated in the alley for a second before he regained his poise and darted for the van.  All of Smith’s energy was focused on stopping the geyser of blood gushing from the stump that used to be his right hand.


“Savage, head for my office.”

“What does he want Abbie?”

Marionette was still trying to catch her breath as the rear door was torn off.  Slice was good at his job and refused to let these women get the best of him.  Not a chauvinist, but rather a perfectionist.  Marionette was about to phase when Slice fired at her only to clip her left shoulder.

“Not this time, bitch.”  Abbie scrambled back to take on Slice before he could make his assault.  She laid a boot into his firing arm with enough force that he dropped the gun.  It only took a second before that was replaced with a large and rather demonic knife.  Slashes were exchanged but only managed to hit with minor wounds to Abbie’s upper leg and stomach.

Without any warning Savage stood on the break hoping to end the battle in the back.  Both Slice and Hellhunter dashed to the front only to collide with the windshield.  Slice took the brunt of the damage leaving only his legs in the van.

“Are you alright, Abbie?”  Savage inquired.  “What is it with this guy?”

“Just some scratches, I’ve had worse.”  She put pressure to her belly with one hand holding her forehead.  “Fuck, this is ridiculous.  We have to get to my office before Smith rallies.”

Marionette asked again.  “Abbie, for fuck’s sake, what do they want?”

“They want Henry Jones.”