I Feel Like a Kid Again (Post-DCnU Launch)

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Comics, Random Thoughts

It’s like I’m a child again.  I have an itch, and DC Comics scratched it.  Not that I haven’t been enjoying the stories from all companies for years, but what DC is doing is…well…one of those big, fancy words that all the major forms of media have used.  I paused before writing this because I needed to calm down a little after reading Justice League #1.  And I was calming down from the excitement that I got after finishing it.  Damn you comic books and your standards.  Twenty-two pages is so passé.  But you did your job, you got me pumped for what’s to come and I really hate waiting.

Was Justice League #1 the best story ever?  Of course not, but who said it was supposed to be?  It was an amazing precursor for the future of the DCU (that’s right I removed the “n” because it is the DC Universe).  We didn’t learn much, but if you’re as excited as I was from what I saw it was more than enough to maintain that excitement for quite some time.  Oh and like I said a second ago, if you’re going to relaunch the universe, relaunch the standards.  WHY 22 PAGES?!?!?  The suspense sucks, and isn’t society being labeled as a “need it now” society?  Just a thought.

I said it before JL #1 was even released, this is for me!  The existing comic fan.  I can’t explain just how awesome it is to start fresh and have no clue what is coming or what has come before it.  I know, we’re going to do the whole “but they’re changing key arcs”.  Why?  This is by far one of the best things to come out of comics since…um…the mid-80’s?  Ok, not a good comparison, but this is huge.  Will following sales of next week’s titles be as good as JL?  Maybe not.  And the week after that?  Most likely, no.  But it is grabbing people’s attention, even the attention of those from the “other” company.  If the word gets out to one new reader in every market and keeps their attention than it’s been successful.  This might bring people to stores and in turn even get them to read from Marvel or Image or Archaia.

Honestly, I’m doing what I can to spread the word and I’m hoping you are too.  Don’t get locked down in what I call “political-one-sidedness” (yep, I’m coining the phrase).  Basically, I’m saying you shouldn’t get stuck in your own way, and not be willing to try something new or give it a chance.  No need for Marvel is better, DC sucks, or vice versa.  Just try.  Sure the debate is fun, and it always will be, but recognize that this is huge for the industry we love.  All I want is peace in comics…that’s right, I had a dream.  Ok, let’s not go overboard, but I’m sorry if I just want everyone to be as thrilled as I am that this is happening.  Like it or not, you are in the middle of comic history.

I feel like a kid again…

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