DC Relaunch, everyone just calm down…

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Comics
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Ok so now that all of the titles of DC’s relaunch have been revealed and most of everyone’s opinions have been aired, I’d like to give my nickels worth.  Yes its a nickel because I’m giving more then twice as much (queue the drum).  Anyway, my babbling is an attempt to look at this relaunch with an open mind and with multiple perspectives.

​Let’s start with the question as to what it all means.  Why, oh why, would DC up and do something like this?  I’m sure by now we’ve all heard reasons from the DC higher-ups and from the fans it impacts.  But why can’t we, as fans, accept that it is mostly about business.  Let’s be honest, short of announcing an across-the-board revamp, how else would they be able to bring in new readers?  Marketing from property-based films?  Not a guarantee.  An article in the paper about a famous death ala Superman or Captain America?  I don’t think that worked either.  Point is, this is a massive undertaking and they’re doing it in a way that makes the most sense.

​Try as we might, we can bitch and moan that some of our beloved heroes and heroines are being, for lack of a more perfect word, “fucked” with, but that doesn’t mean we need to revolt or threaten DC and what it is attempting to do.  On that point…do you really think threatening them is ultimately going to change anything?  Yeah I don’t think so.  What about the fact that all the creative control is in the extremely-capable hands of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns?  Seriously, are there better hands to put the fate of the DCU in?  Now I know what’s coming.  You will read this and name numerous other names that could helm this project, but that doesn’t matter, its been decided and some of you need to have a little faith in what these guys plan to do.  Why must everyone jump to anger or frustration because there comic is temporarily leaving the shelves?  Have any of you actually noticed that nobody said that these 52 titles were the end-all be-all?  Yeah, I’ve looked around and am pretty sure nobody suggested that this is it…forever. 

​So how does this actually affect you, the fan of the DCU?  It doesn’t really besides the unmistakable fact that many of us, including myself, will miss certain titles like Gail Simone’s Secret Six, or John Rozum’s Xombi.  Oh and Superman may rock a different type of spandex.  Seriously?  These are the problems?  Maybe I’m too optimistic (which is rare for me) but I see this as a whole new opportunity for storylines from new creators and grizzled veterans.  Imagine that day, months or even years down the road when Bane is called back into action to resume his duties with the Six and you’re nowhere to be found.  Now you’re playing catch-up and missing out on how we got to where we are. 

​I hear writers and artists say it all the time that comic fans are among the most passionate.  Well if that’s true, their passion leads to some ignorant assessments and rash decisions.  I saw a rant where someone refuses to stay with DC because Rob Liefield is working on Hawk & Dove.  You’ve got to be kidding.  So maybe your not his biggest fan, but who are you to criticize the art of a man beloved by many (I mean the man created Cable & Deadpool, he’s a genius).  My personal opinion aside, if you have the audacity to attack any writer’s or artist’s skills, you better be ready to show off your own.  I notice this same bullshit from the over-zealous comic fan about comic films.  “It wasn’t true to the comic”, “That’s not how it happens” and doozies like “Green Lantern is supposed to have white gloves.”  Alright, assholes, go ahead…make it better.  I just saw, as many of you did X-Men: First Class and thought it was awesome.  Then I ventured to my local comic store to hear some shmuck complain that it lacked “structure”.  These are the bozos that refuse to give new things a chance.  Is it really so bad and detrimental to your life if a new spin is taken on a character or story? 

I know it sounded like an attack on comic fans, but it wasn’t (ok maybe a little, but only specific fans, they know who they are).  All I’m saying is that if you’re not a fan of something, don’t ruin in for others.  How does anyone know how this relaunch will work out?  It could be the best thing since Christopher Nolan took on Batman, and it could also fail miserably like Lebron James in the NBA Finals.  The bottom line is we don’t know what’s going to happen, but if you’re a fan of comics be a fan of comics.  Don’t get pissy, take your ball and run simply because the kids would rather play tag than dodgeball.  Seems kind of childish and lame, also makes you seem more like a poser than an actual fan. 

​And another thing…why abandon DC if your favorites are being reshuffled or paired with new partners?  If your a fan of Geoff Johns, he’s still around.  And Gail may not be on Secret Six but I believe she’s doing some story about somebody (sarcasm people, she’s rocking Batgirl, I know).  Grant Morrison is making a jump from the Bat to the Big Blue Boyscout.  Point is they’re still hanging around.  Just take a second, sit back, and be reasonable before tourettes sets in.  This may be the best thing ever and you won’t be there when it all fleshes itself out.  Shame on you. 

  1. “I mean the man created Cable & Deadpool, he’s a genius”


  2. matthewhyde says:

    Good post. I think part of the reason the relaunch news has caused such controversy is that the information given has been aimed at new readers, to the extent that existing fans have so little to go on that they’ve panicked. That panic isn’t entirely justified – heck, the fact they’ve put Morrison on Superman shows that SOMEONE knows what they’re doing. It’s best to wait and see before jumping to conclusions.

    That said, I do have some concerns, and I think DC might want to consider giving a little more information about the various titles. Not spoilers exactly, but enough to keep a good chunk of their current market onside.

    • arch1521 says:

      Absolutely, everyone is allowed to be concerned, just thinking we might want to hang on to see how things play out.

  3. Bill H says:

    “but who are you to criticize the art of a man beloved by many ”

    A customer. That’s who I am. That gives me every right to criticise it.

    “if you have the audacity to attack any writer’s or artist’s skills, you better be ready to show off your own. ”

    So you love everything, do you? I doubt that. The stuff you don’t like, do you feel the need to show of your own?

    “I hate mcdonalds” ” well then, to and make your burgers and fries and show mr you can do it”

    Thats not how it works and is a ridiculous and pompous veiled way to attack fans that don’t like his work. They do not need to prove they Andrew better than him because THEY are not truly to sell a book to thousands of people. They do NOT have to like it simply because they can’t do any better than him.

    Sorry, but you come across as a smarmy holier-than-thou comic fan who likes any opportunity to look down on the lesser fans who don’t behave the way you do. OMG COMIC FANS COMPLAIN ABOUT MOVIES?! what a bunch of idiots.

    But at least they are complaining about something they are passionate about. Your just bitching about fans like they’ve pissed in your cornflakes. Bitching for the sake of making yourself seem coooool because you don’t moan about films. Wow man, you rock.

    I’d take an hour of a fan moaning about Fantastic Four films than five minutes of a fan like you who thinks he’s better than others.

    • arch1521 says:

      I appreciate the comment, but your misunderstanding my point. I’m not trying to attack every fan of everything. I’m just saying that it seems a lot of people talk a lot of crap about people’s work, nay, their livelihoods and have no basis to back it up. Do I like every artists work? Absolutely not, but I’m not about to get pissy and destroy what work that person has done for the fans they might have.

      As for the movie comment, have you never dealt with someone who doesn’t like a movie the way you do? I’m pretty sure you have and its a little frustrating when they nitpick and destroy something that may be totally enjoyable to you. Why does everyone have to go for the negative and live for pessimism instead of just moving on and letting it go. Yes, its great for debates and I get that but some of them border on ridiculous or annoying.

      “Holier-then-thou”, I can see how you came to that and will let it go because it isn’t my m.o. However, I just couldn’t believe all the naysaying from the fans at an announcement like this. People crying of Superman’s apparent “armored” new suit? Dick Grayson back to Nightwing…again all I want to point out is that we have no idea how this’ll all work out, so why can’t we calm down before we know the truth of it. By the way, since I don’t like McDonald’s I attempt to make a better burger, but that doesn’t mean ill grab signs and go protest.

      Look, I didn’t post this to piss anyone off, nor will I backtrack on what I’ve said. But if in the long run I’m wrong and this thing blows up in my face, ill gladly post another blog on me being an idiot (wouldn’t be hard). Until then, we’re ultimately all fans with our own perspectives, and this is something I felt might’ve been just a little more positive than what else is out there.

  4. iskios says:

    I agree with you about the relaunch, and my initial reaction to it was almost violent, but i take some minor exception to the notion that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are the most capable hands here. Jim Lee is a great artist, tells a visual story well, but he also appears to be stuck in the 90s. The sensibilities of that decade were a bit weird, and he does not seem to have evolved beyond them as much as one might hope.

    Geoff Johns is a brilliant writer, but of late, i think he has lost a lot of the qualities that made him such a great writer on Green Lantern Rebirth, JSA, and the Sinestro Corps War. Truth is Flash Rebirth was a mess. His recent Flash run started out brilliant, yet quickly lost it. And Blackest Night and War of the Green Lanterns has been a mess. The problem seems to be that he is so focused on the great events, the large spectacle, that he is losing touch with the small moments that make for a great book.

    This relaunch oozes with that kind of thinking, but luckily, i am also stoked at the idea of freshness. If Geoff johns can get his head out of the clouds and ground himself again for JLA, i will be excited, but can DC editorial keep it’s mits off this series long enough for him to do that? I hope so.

    Some of the books i saw announced made no sense to me. Voodoo? The JSA and most of the multiverse heroes are gone, unless they have been forced into the DCU, and all, I think, to be reintroduced on their own Earths again with Grant Morrison’s multiverse series (I hope it is not as fracked up a mess as Final Crisis was).

    Too many books with great stories, great character work, and great art went bye bye, especially the magnificent Secret Six, and that made me very angry. I will, however, be over my initial shock and anger by September, and by then the excitement and joy of new stories, new perspectives, and maybe the chance that I might actually be surprised by some of these characters again will make it all worth it.

    • arch1521 says:

      See, that’s all I’m looking for. People willing to wait out the storm and hang on as fans. But I’m with you, I’ve never seen such a fallout as the one from Secret Six. And again, I definitely didn’t understand some of the titles, but who knows, you’ve got to assume DC did some homework. And maybe, just maybe, some of the ones lost in he shuffle will cross back into the fray.

  5. MissileToe says:

    The whole thing reeks of being editorialy mandated and poorly planned. Why set so many things in motion with the waaay overlong Brightest Day, then just drop Flashpoint on us and hit the reset button. I don’t trust DC at all at this point.

    • raptureistoday says:

      Understandable, but at the same time…don’t you think they have some reasoning or research that indicates that this is the best possible way to move forward? Again, my only point is to try and wait it out and see how it goes.

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